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Making Sure Your Employees Get Paid

Managing payroll for your business can be a time-consuming process. At Safety First Payroll Service, our goal is simple: to handle your payroll so you can focus on managing and running your business.

You are never too small! No minimum Payroll required.

If you are a small business owner located in the Florida Panhandle with Payroll Processing, Tax Filing, HR Management, or Workers’ Compensation Insurance needs, we are able to provide you these services at a reasonable price. Join our company and learn that quality payroll services do not have to come at unrealistic prices.

Our service is outstanding!

Payroll Entry Options

We want to make payroll as quick and easy as possible. Let our specialists know how many hours each employee worked either by phone, fax, email, or through our web-based or PC-based programs.

Payment Options

We also offer easy employee payment options. You can opt to pay your employees via a customized bank check complete with your company name and computerized signature. Or, you could save time by paying your employees using direct deposit.

Delivery Options

Your payroll can be delivered to you via U.S. mail, a courier service, or by FedEx. You can also choose to pick them up at our office.

Management Reports

Payroll isn’t just about ensuring your employees get paid. Our experienced specialists make sure you have the right reports for your small business.

Tax & Compliance

Prior to the required deadlines, we will prepare all payroll tax reports including quarterly filling of form 941 and the state unemployment report.

Year-End Service

We prepare and provide copies of W-2 and/or 1099 forms at no additional cost.

We also offer additional payroll services including certified payroll, new hire reporting to the state, and audit assistance.

Let us help guide your small business through the world of bookkeepingtaxes, and insurance.
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